About Bakken & Company

Modern furniture design inspired by Norwegian tradition. 

At Bakken & Co. we are passionate about restoration through innovative design.  Our vision is revolutionary repurposing of materials rich with history, transforming them to create new and forever classic heirloom pieces.  Our mission is to create each object with the quality and aesthetic to last your lifetime. Our furniture is intended to remain unique in design and character over time.  We take great care to honour our planet and all its resources by creating long-lasting and beautiful pieces of functional art.

Meet the Artist

Petter Bakken Kristiansen is a painter, metal smith and wood worker.

He has a love for the story that unfolds when the material world meets the human mind. His talent and sensibility lead him to forage used, discarded or sentimental pieces of wood and to remake them as usable furniture.  What was once a weekend labour of love has blossomed into Bakken & Company, a full-service custom furniture design and production workshop. We handle each detail of design and handcrafting locally in Oslo. We welcome your inquiries and your personal vision for collaborative works of liveable art.